Garage Door Access Hardware that Makes Sense for You

Improve your garage door security

Home and business owners think about aesthetics, performance and security when choosing new garage doors. These are important considerations, but it’s also essential to think about the basics of access. Walk-up keypads and wireless remotes can both let you in, but which option is right for you?

Evaluating Your Access Needs

Just like there is no one solution to every homeowner’s garage door needs, there is no one solution to every homeowner’s garage access needs. What’s best for you depends on your home’s architecture, your personal habits, and any special security considerations. A retired couple that hires regular household help has very different access needs than a busy mom who picks her kids up from school every day.

The most important factor you’ll need to assess is how you’ll approach your garage on a daily basis. If you commute on a bike, you’ll need an access system that you can approach on foot or bike. If you drive up to your garage in a car, you may want an access system that allows you to get into the garage without getting out of your vehicle.

In terms of security, you should consider any special situations that might arise when it comes to accessing your garage. Most modern access options offer security features that are strong enough for regular residential use, but they may not be suitable for business or commercial purposes. You should also be sure to talk to a garage door installer about your security needs if you store very valuable items in your garage.

Choosing Your Access Option

When it comes to picking an access device for garage doors, you’ll have two primary options. You can choose a keypad, which requires you to enter a code to gain entry to your garage. Many keypads allow you to create temporary codes that can be used by workers and guests. The other option is a wireless garage door opener that you can use from the comfort of your vehicle. Wireless devices that allow you to control your garage door with your smartphone are also available.

You’ll only use your access device when you want to enter or leave your garage, which is why how you approach your garage should be the driving buying factor. If you’re usually on foot or on a bicycle, a keypad is probably best. If you usually drive, you’ll benefit from a wireless device. Of course, some Portland homeowners choose to integrate both keypads and wireless remotes into their garage door systems. This is a great option if household employees will need to get into the property on foot or if you use both a vehicle and a bicycle on a regular basis.

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