No matter what car you have, it was likely a significant investment. So, you want to keep it in good working order for as long as possible. If you do have a garage in which to store your car… do it! More and more people are using their garage space as storage for any number of other items and leaving the car outside. Here are just a few of the reasons that, as far as your car is concerned, that it not a good idea.

  • Protect Your Car – If nothing else, the garage will protect your car from the elements. Rain, snow, ice. To say nothing of acidic bird droppings. Your car will be much happier under cover.
  • Protect Yourself – Now, you can also avoid the rain and snow between your car and your home. It particularly helps both your comfort and safety if you have to load or unload anything.
  • Security – It is an unfortunate reality. In even the safest neighborhood, there is the smallest of possibilities that your car or its contents will be casualties of theft. That possibility is reduced almost entirely when parked in your garage.
  • Appearance – Cars that are parked nightly in a garage can maintain their looks for up to twice as long as their shelter-less counterparts.

If you live in cold weather and have a heated garage, you and your car will be even happier. The oil remains warmer and less viscous, so it does a much better job as soon as the car starts, which can help prevent long-term damage to the engine. The coolant is also warmer, so the heat comes on faster. You will also be able to maintain excellent visibility with you cleaning ice and snow off of the car. (The one caveat is that having the car sit warmly in melted, salted snow or ice can speed up rusting. So, you might consider washing the car after driving through salted streets.)

A garage is great for a car and for the driver. If you have one, please do find a way to make room for your car inside. Then, make sure you have a solid, reliable garage door so that your car can enjoy the full benefits of its cozy room!