Garage door part names and descriptions can be confusing, but they’re not hard to understand once you know what each one does. More so, such knowledge may come in handy if and when something goes wrong with your residential garage door, as you can effortlessly point out the issue and tell what part needs a replacement or maintenance. We’ve created the following to discuss the top ten essential garage door opener parts that Portland and surrounding homeowners should have.

Door Opener

You should know an opener is the first of many garage door part names. It’s a device that looks like a box hanging from the ceiling and comes with a cord extension to plug into an outlet. There are three main garage door opener types: electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic. Electric openers are the most common type for residential garage doors and require electricity. The opener motor drives the chain connected to the tube shaft to raise and lower the door.

Hydraulic openers use pressurized oil to power their motors, and pneumatic openers use air pressure to raise and lower the garage door; neither of these types is common in residential garage door systems. 

Torsion Springs

The torsion springs are used to keep the door closed or open. A garage door torsion spring is usually made from steel wire and coil around a central axis. The garage door spring is wound tightly until it reaches its full extension, after which it unwinds until it returns to the starting position. This movement causes the garage door to rise and fall.

Tube Shaft

A tube shaft is a cylindrical component usually placed inside the door frame, holding the torsion springs in place. It helps prevent damage to the door frame if the door hits against it during opening or closing.

Tracks and Rollers

Tracks and rollers are crucial garage door parts you can’t afford to miss. Tracks are the components of the garage door that guide the door along the ceiling when opening and closing. On the flip side, rollers are small wheels positioned along both sides of the garage door. The rollers rest in these tracks, allowing the door to slide across the floor without hitting anything.


Drums are circular pieces of pulley wheels that fit into the roller brackets. They help hold the rollers in place while allowing them to rotate freely.


Cables are long, flexible wires that connect the rollers to the opener. As the rollers rotate, they pull the cables upward with them, causing the door to move up and down smoothly.

Brackets and Hinges

Brackets and hinges are parts of a garage door system that keep everything intact and connected to the garage wall. Brackets are usually screwed onto the wall, and the hinges are attached to the bracket. A hinge consists of two plates (one fixed and one movable) held together by a pin. The plates are hinged to the garage door and the door to the wall.

Weather Seals

A weather seal is essential to your garage door, especially with the changing weather patterns of Portland and surrounding areas. They protect the garage interior from moisture and debris that could cause rusting or corrosion. Weather seals come in different shapes and sizes depending on your garage door type. Some weather seals are designed to be installed directly over the garage door track, while others go between the door and the wall.

Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are another essential component of your garage door. Safety sensors detect when something has hit or is blocking the garage door, automatically stopping it from moving and causing injury or property damage. If you don’t install safety sensors, you risk damaging your garage door or injuring yourself.

Emergency Cord

An emergency cord is a cable that secures the garage door motor to the door to lift and lower it. If the remote or motor fails, you can still open and close the garage door manually.

Professional Garage Door Installation in Portland

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