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It is finally time to install your new garage door! What can you do to prepare for your garage door & opener installation to help ensure a smooth professional installation? There are several simple steps you can take that will make it much easier for you and the installation crew. Learn more with Overhead Door Company of Portland in Portland, OR.

1) Move your vehicles

The installers will need clear and unfettered access to the entire garage. If you keep your cars in the garage, please park them elsewhere for the installation. They could be on the street or, at least, far enough away on the driveway to allow your installer to back their vehicle near the garage opening and access it without risking damage to your vehicle.

2) Clear out your garage

This does not mean that the entire garage needs to be spotless. But in addition to moving your cars, be sure that any equipment, tools, trash bins, bicycles, or anything that could interfere are put away or moved to the rear of the garage. This not only gives your installers enough space to work, but ensures your belongings aren’t accidentally damaged in the installation process. A good rule of thumb for an ordinary residential garage door is to have at least one foot on each side of the door track and fourteen feet back into the garage clear. You also might consider removing anything of real significant value to ensure it is not damaged. 

3) Plan to have children and pets away from the work area

If you have pets – please be sure your pet is in a safe place during the time of the installation. All too often customers will allow their pets to roam while the installation is underway. This can be dangerous for both the installer and the pet. Children should also be kept at a safe distance from the work area. The installer needs to be sure the work area is safe for not only themselves, but for the residents of the home. Removal and installation of your garage door includes items under spring tension, heavy items, overhead items, and hand and power tools. 

4) Consider locations for the opener, wall consoles, or keyless entry pads.

Planning where you may want these beforehand will save time during the installation. The opener just needs to be positioned close to an outlet, or a location that can be reached easily by an extension cord. The standard location for the wall console is next to the door that enters the garage, on the garage side of the wall. The exterior keyless entry pad would normally be right next to the door that leads into the house. Though it is up to you. Wherever you decide to have these installed, that part of the wall will need to be clear of any other items and the area around that section of the wall will need to be clean and clear so the installer can perform their job unimpeded.

5) Familiarize yourself with your installer’s updated safety policies due to COVID-19

Please make sure that you are following all of the installer’s regulations to keep both you and them safe. Also, please be in conversation with the installer if you have needs for people coming into your home. We want to ensure the safety of our employees, vendors, and customers! 

6) What questions do you have for the installers?

Hopefully, a lot of your questions were answered before the installation and more questions may arise during the process. But the more you can think in advance about any questions you may have for your installers, the faster and smoother the installation process will be.

Thank you for whatever you can do to prepare for the installation of your new garage door system. Your installer or installation team will truly appreciate that you took a few moments to follow these simple suggestions. We want to ensure that everything about a new garage door is the best it can be for you – from choosing the right door, to installing, to using it for many, many years to come. Learn more with Overhead Door Company of Portland in Portland, OR.