Do you know your choice of driveway gate impacts your home’s appearance, security, value, and ease of passage? We already have two favorite options for you: sliding and cantilever gates. Before picking any of these gates, learning about their differences is crucial. So, jump into this article, get the facts and end your confusion.

At Overhead Door Company of Portland, we have professionals to install the perfect gate system for your home. So, go through our quick guide to understand how to differentiate cantilever gates from sliding driveway gates.

What’s the difference between a standard sliding gate and a cantilever gate?

Here’s a breakdown of what makes these gates unique:

Wheel support

Sliding gates rest on wheel support that rolls on the track when you open or close. The relative ease of rolling sliding gates makes them suitable for a sloping driveway. On the other hand, Cantilever gates hang above the ground and move on rollers attached to one side of the fence. Since wheels are in the air, cantilever gates are perfect for snow-prone areas.

Required Space 

Cantilever gates take more space. These gates are often 50% wider than your driveway to withstand the weight of the suspension post. A sliding gate only needs where it goes when you open it. So, ample space must be on one side of the fence to take in the entire gate.

Ease of installation

A cantilever gate is typically heavier and often require lift equipment to install. Meanwhile, sliding gates have smaller frames, making them lighter and easier to maintain. You cannot install a sliding gate without modifying the existing driveway because of the groundtrack it rolls on. Installing a cantilever gate often means you don’t have to disrupt the driveway.


Unlike cantilever gates, sliding gates have fewer operating mechanisms. Hence, sliding rolls more smoothly. But friction with the ground makes sliding gates noisier during operation.

Cantilever gates are suspended in the air so you can deploy them on uneven surfaces and grassy grounds. In other words, the condition of the environment does not affect its operation.


An intruder must shift the sliding gate from its track to access your property. Cantilever gates cannot be lifted, making them suitable for areas with security issues.


Sliding gates do not require heavy frames, so their overall material cost is lower than cantilever gates. If you are on a budget and space isn’t an issue, we recommend installing sliding gates.

Maintenance Requirement

Since sliding gates rest on the floor, dirt and debris could cover the ground track. Part of its routine upkeep is to remove sand, stone, snow (if it’s winter), and anything that could obstruct the movement of the wheels. Cantilever gates typically need lubrication only once a year which should be handled by a professional.


Well-installed sliding gates can last for years, but cantilever gates have an even longer lifespan. That’s because cantilever gates are suspended, eliminating possible sources of wear and tear. Another reason is its use of heavy materials for construction.

What are the benefits of installing a sliding driveway gate?

Here are reasons you should opt for a sliding gate:

  • Saves space
  • Cost-effective
  • Simpler to install
  • No opening under, so pets remain indoors and wild animals out.


What are the benefits of installing a cantilever gate?

Here’s a quick look at the advantages of buying a cantilever gate:

  • Provides better security
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Durable


Sliding Gate or Cantilever Gate: Which is better?

If you want a gate for a residential or commercial purpose but have space issues, a sliding gate is perfect. For locations with security and terrain considerations, a cantilever gate is better.

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