Don't let clutter interrupt your garage door installationAs you eagerly await the installation of your new garage door, you can follow a few simple guidelines that will allow the entire process to move forward without any problems. By cleaning up the area and ensuring that everyone stays out of the way of the contractor, the project can be completed in just a few hours. Here are some tried-and-true tips for preparing for installation day.

Move Your Vehicle to an Alternate Location

You should try to secure an alternative location in which to store your vehicle for a few hours. In most cases, you can simply park it on the street. If local code doesn’t allow for this, you can always move it to a parking lot until the installation work is completed. You should be especially careful with luxury vehicles. Minimal damage to the paint or fender of a sports car will likely cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

Secure Valuables in the Immediate Vicinity

If you have items in the garage that are valuable, you should remove them. Expensive gemstones or jewelry pieces that are currently being stored in a chest in the garage, for example, should be removed. Likewise, priceless family heirlooms can be brought into the house to ensure that nothing happens to them. When dealing with money, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Remove Troublesome Odds and Ends

Your garage should be completely free of all items that could potentially interrupt the work. This means you should remove chemicals, paint cans, sharp tools and old pieces of metal or lumber. All of these items can be transferred to the back of the garage. If there are large pieces of equipment hanging on the walls, these should likewise be taken down. You’ll want to prevent expensive devices from being accidentally bumped and damaged during the project.

Block Off the Area to Small Children and Pets

Small children and pets should be brought into the house for safety. Contractors will generally be working with heavy pieces of material and electric motors, and their progress is likely to be slowed considerably if they have to worry about the safety of your little ones. All of the project equipment should be removed from the garage area before pets and children are allowed to run free.

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