Replacing your garage door can be a large undertaking. Often times, repairing any difficulties or replacing old parts will be a simpler and less expensive option. Sometimes, though, a garage door does need to be replaced. Here are some thoughts to help you decide if your current door needs a little care or if a brand new door is in order.

Multiple Breakdowns or Consistent Noises

When a garage door breaks down, the solution is often a repair. If, though, your door is breaking down repeatedly, you might be better of getting a replacement. A garage door that is not working properly is not only a hassle, but can actually be quite dangerous. So, either way, you will want to take care of it.

Similarly, persistent noises are a strong indicator that something serious is wrong. Garage doors should not be continually loud and rattling when going up or down. If the noise is not fixable or repair bills are mounting, consider a new door.

Physical Damage

Sometimes the damage is far more obvious. Again, a damaged door may just need repair – a new coat of paint or a single panel replacement. Though if the costs are too high or the damage is too extensive, a new door is the way to go.

Outdated Safety Features

Even if your door is working properly, it can be dangerous if you do not have the latest safety features. For example, modern doors have sensors and seeing eyes that stop the door from closing if anything is in the way. The garage door is a huge, heavy piece of machinery in your home, so it is important that your door be as safe as possible. If it isn’t, consider upgrading your door.

Updating Your Garage

The weather in the Northwest can make a garage interior feel like the outdoors. A new, quality door can transform your garage into a comfortable living or working space. A new door may also fit well aesthetically in remodeling the garage for your needs. No matter what you want out of your garage, if you are looking to change or upgrade the room, replacing your door could be a key.

Increasing Energy Bills

Modern garage doors provide great insulation to keep the cold out and heat inside. Especially if your garage is connected to your home, heating can become a significant expense. The garage door could be letting out a lot of hot air or letting in a lot of cold air. Newer doors have bottom seals, weather strips, sealing joints, and more which can help you be comfortable and save money.

Curb Appeal

Your garage door can take up forty percent of your facade or more. So, appearance is meaningful. A new door can give your home not only a new look, but also a significant increase in value. What to do with your garage door can be a significant and complex decision. If you want assistance with how to proceed or know that you do want a new garage door, give us a call!