Refresh your Portland home with an updated door style

When you think of giving your home a makeover, you probably picture new siding, bigger windows, some paint or even a new roof. However, upgrading your garage door may do more for the appearance of your home than any other project. Even if there’s nothing mechanically wrong with it, there are several reasons to consider investing in a new garage door.

Create More Curb Appeal

Garage doors represent a significant amount of exterior space and can easily be seen by anyone who passes by. In fact, the garage door is often the first thing that greets visitors when they arrive at your home. Make this greeting a positive one by selecting a new door with welcoming features like wood paneling and arched windows. Create balance by choosing subtle colors that complement the rest of the house as well as the surrounding area.

Freshen Up with a Facelift

As your garage door ages, it can begin to crack, rust, warp or develop imperfections in the paint. This has the effect of making the entire house look old and worn. You might be surprised just how much better everything appears after you invest in a new garage door. This one simple change has a big effect not only on the aesthetic qualities of your home but also on the atmosphere it projects.

Alter Home Appearance

Trends in home styles shift over the years, and when a new design catches your eye, you want to have a garage door that matches the rest of the house. Go for wood if you’re switching from contemporary to rustic, or choose metal doors for a modern look. Durable vinyl is a popular option that looks good with just about any style.

Make a Good Impression

While impressing people shouldn’t be your first thought when looking into a garage door upgrade, you do want to consider how your investment will affect the future value of your home. Installing a new door has the potential to pay for itself if you decide to put the house on the market. Buyers like upgrades, and the same curb appeal that makes guests feel welcome can become a selling point that you can leverage when negotiating price.

When you’re ready to give your garage door a facelift, contact the Overhead Door Company of Portland. We offer a wide range of beautiful garage door designs and can help you choose the best one to enhance the look of your home. Check out our online design center for a preview of available styles, and then give us a call to get started with this simple home upgrade.